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IPv6 BGP Tunnel

SnapServ Mathis is offering free IPv6 BGP tunnels for research / education purposes to a select amount of people. Order this free service, provide us with your contact data and fill out the application form. We will contact you within a few days by either accepting or declining your request. The tunnel itself will work by adding IPv6 addresses (we will provide an appropriate subnet) onto a GRE tunnel between your and our router, which will then be used for establishing an BGP session. Prefix filters will be automatically generated based on your IRR data every night - we do not accept any AS-SETs by default and will stick to generating filters based on your ASN. Please use for latency tests before submitting your order.


Additional Terms and Conditions
The following Terms and Conditions extend our base Terms and Conditions available at


  • You will receive a free IPv6 BGP tunnel for education/research purposes.
  • You must acknowledge that this is a free fair-use and best-effort service provided by us - there are no guarantees at all.
  • You must acknowledge that we reserve the right to cancel your tunnel at any time if we should detect abuse/fraudulent activity.
  • You must agree to keep your bandwidth usage at a minimum, otherwise we might throttle or shut the peering temporarily.
  • You must agree to react to abuse notices within 24 hours, otherwise we might temporarily shut down your tunnel if required.
  • You must agree to our peering policy, which is available at

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently not setting up any new tunnels, however you can still register for one and your request will be processed with the next batch of tunnel signups. Due to the massive amount of requests and limited capacity this might currently take several months.

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